Friday, December 18, 2009

Fountain of Hope: A Prophecy Fulfilled

The sun was fading in the west. Rory sat in the relative safety of the bushes, clutching his mother's locket, the only thing he had left of her. He knew he shouldn't have come this way. This road was patrolled by soldiers, more commonly know among the villagers as "Sweepers." If they didn't capture or kill him for crossing, Uncle Murph would certainly certainly kill him for his stupidity.
"I knew this was a bad idea," he said to himself. "Should have gone the long way, but NO I decided to take a shortcut...that was brilliant Rory, just brilliant."
Just as he was gathering his courage to abandon the the bushes and cross the road, a hand covered his mouth and another grasped his shoulder. Rory struggled against the strange hands that ensnared him.
"Shh! It's only me!" his uncle whispered fiercely.
"Murph! What are you doing here?And don't scare me like that, I think my heart stopped!"
" I could ask you the same question, but I won't. We must hurry back to the village.I came looking for you because something very important has happened."
"What? what is it? Tell me Uncle!"
"Two children emerged from the village fountain this afternoon, we believe they may be the children of the prophecy, I have invited them to stay in our home tonight."
"Well what are we standing here for?Lets go!" Rory threw this statement over his shoulder as he ran for the village where he and his Uncle lived
The first thing the boys noticed when their head breached the surface and they wiped the water from their eyes, was that they were standing in yet another fountain. In fact it was identical, except for the fact that the soldier in this fountain still had his head. Also this fountain seemed to be in a medieval village.
"It must be a medieval village," the boys thought, " these people are all dressed like they jumped straight out of a book." And then they noticed something even more unsettling.
"Uh, Salem" Nolan's voice shook as he spoke, " they're all looking at us."
"They're not just looking at us, the men are pulling out bows and staffs...I think now would be a good time to go back through the door" he answered hurriedly. They both dove back under the water. The door was gone! They searched for it until they could no longer hold their breath, until every inch of their lungs burned and pleaded for air. They broke the surface coughing and sputtering.
"Stop! Wait, don't kill them!" The crowd turned to see a wiry man nearing fifty years of age running toward them.
"Don't you understand who they are?They are the children of the prophecy!"
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  1. where are you getting these ideas? cause they are really cool!!

  2. I just have them rolling around in my's what happens when reading and music are your favorite hobbies :)