Monday, December 14, 2009

Fountain of Hope: A Beginning

On a clear sunny summer day Salem and Nolan were running down the road that led to the fountain, pushing and shoving as brothers do, each trying to outrun the other.

A small explanation about the Fountain; it is the largest fountain I've ever heard of , five feet deep if it's an inch, perfect for swimming in. In the center of the Fountain was an old marble statue of a soldier on horseback. Salem and Nolan didn't know who the soldier was since his head had been knocked off long ago and there was no plaque displaying his name. With a great leap and a mighty yell the boys jumped into the fountain. There was swimming and splashing and the general horseplay you expect from young boys. In the midst of the play Salem went down to touch the bottom of the fountain and noticed something he'd never seen before. It was a door. He swam toward the door, Nolan followed with caution, curious about his brothers discovery. Salem opened the door and the boys stepped through. They were in a tunnel, Nolan looked back at the door shocked that the water had not followed them. He reached out to touch it and was shocked once again.
"It's stiff!" he said in amazement," like a huge wall of Jello!" Salem, on the other hand, was far more curious about what was in front of them rather than what was behind. The tunnel was rather short and he could see that there was yet another door at the other end. He grabbed Nolan's arm and pulled him along toward the other door.
" Where are we going?" Nolan shouted.
" To find out what's behind the other door, genius" Salem answered.
Salem reached for the handle and opened the door. Nolan stood as far back as he could but that wasn't very far considering Salem still had a tight grip on his arm.
"Oh look another wall of water, well that's very original isn't it?" Salem didn't answer him, he knew a hypothetical question when he heard one. Nolan started to turn, but Salem held him firmly in place.
"We're going in" he said.
" In there?" asked Nolan.
" Yes genius, in there" he replied and plunged through the door with Nolan in tow


  1. and!?!?!?!?!

    you always leave us hanging so unfair, and you need to tell Kimberly about this little place, she will come and devour this... but only in the best of ways.

  2. I leave you hanging because as I said it is not finished...that and I can't find the notebook I wrote my third character's first scene in :)

  3. I am hooked already! Miss Red Writing Hood, you are indeed an exceptional writer! I am so very excited to be a part of this experiment! :)

  4. Nothing just solidifies as sooon as they step through the door...that way the tunnel doesn't flood